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Beef broth with sautéed liver & flavored fresh cream


1st COOKING STEP: In an anti-colic dish, saute the milk liver with fresh butter, over a medium-high heat until golden brown, and flavor each side with the Magic Beef-Pork mixture, turning regularly.
2nd PREPARATION STEP: Deglaze with white wine, allowing the alcohol to evaporate and the first aromas to emerge. Remove and place the liver on absorbent kitchen paper.
3rd PREPARATION STEP: Stir the fresh cream, the grated Parmesan, the chopped dill and the tea in a basin* and remove. (*basin: open metal vessel for admixture and mixing).
4th COOKING STEP : In a non-stick pan, on medium to high heat, add 500ml of water, 10g of beef broth in Lecker paste or the Lecker beef cube, and stir until the material breaks down and until the boiling point.
5th COOKING STEP: Serve the milk liver in an open deep dish and add the beef broth to 1/3 of the dish with our spoon, adding 1-1 ½ tablespoons of the flavored cream.
• If we want, we can accompany our dish with sour cream as a dip!
• The way of presentation and serving can be of your style and taste.


10g beef stock in Lecker paste or a cube of Lecker beef stock
10g aromatic mixture for Beef - Pork Magic
1 slice of fresh milk beef liver cleaned
70ml cream fresh
10g chopped dill
10g finely chopped aromatic tea
40g of fresh butter
40ml dry white wine
40g white grated coconut

Portions 2

Ingredients 9

Difficulty 2/3

Preparation Time 5

Execution time 20'

Temperature Cooking 180

Calories Serving 410 kcal

Portion Serving Ροζέ δροσερό κρασί

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